Primary Education In Pakistan

The primary education in Pakistan is mostly considered from class one to class five. There are govt and private schools for primary education. PEF is also system of education in Pakistan which provides free education from primary to higher levels.

Pakistan is developing country. The education system in Pakistan is under progress. Mostly population of Pakistan belong to poor families. There are also high level private schools in which children of elite are admitted in these private schools to get education of high standard.

The quality of education in govt schools is now better. Because in 2017, many educators were recruited in the govt primary schools in Pakistan. So the quality of education and the enrollment in these schools increased.

The teaching faculties in the primary schools of Pakistan are now highly qualified. Mostly teachers have qualification of Master degree. M Phil and Ph.D. degree holders are also performing their duties in the primary schools. Still a very large number of students are outside from the schools.

Govt is taking so many steps to increase the number of students in these Primary schools. Basic subjects which are taught in these primary schools are English, Urdu, Math’s, Islamiyat, Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge.

Due to poverty, many children are out from the schools. They are mostly belong to poor families. They are not admitted in school but they also work on the public place. Child labor is the main hurdle in the way of getting education.

Importance of primary education in Pakistan is very much. History of primary education in Pakistan is very old. The primary, middle and secondary education in Pakistan needs to be improved a lot. Private sector in education system is dominant in Pakistan.

It is observed that mostly students in Pakistan at primary level are intelligent. The need is that to polish them. They can become doctor, pilot, engineer and serve the country in future in a good way. The number of teachers in primary schools in Pakistan vary with number of students. There are maximum six teachers in primary school and minimum two teachers in primary schools.

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