E-Rozgar Centers Established For Freelancers in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan initiated a project regarding E-Rozgar to promote the freelancers in Pakistan. Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr Umer Saif announced an important decision that 10,000 countrywide E-Rozgar centers would be initiated by the government.

These E-Rozgar centers are fully equipped with latest facilities to promote freelancers to start their journey as a freelancers. These centers start-ups from 11 January 2024. E-rozgar registration 2024 will start very soon. This become helpful for all the unemployed youth to become self sufficient.

The purpose of this major initiative by the government is to point out the challenges facing by 1.5 million freelancers approximately who are facing difficulty of suitable workspace. The main aim of this project is to provide a suitable platform to all these freelancers.

To provide the best digital tools and modern facilities to the freelancers to build up their skills in a better way is the need of the hour. Through E-Rozgar online apply, all the willing candidates can be registered in E-Rozgar session.

All the young individuals who are interested to start their journey as a freelancing can get information about E-Rozgar courses lists, E-Rozgar registration 2024 online apply, E-Rozgar salary, E-Rozgar courses fee structures, E-Rozgar apply last date and many more regarding E-Rozgar projects through this page.

Dr Umer Saif also announced that monthly lumpsum will be given to all the entrepreneurs. It will also help the needy and deserving participants financially. From 7 January 2024, another project is going to be started. According to this project, a test for IT graduates through the Higher Education Commission is going to be conducted to enhance their skills.

After passing this test, internships will be given to all applicants. All those who will pass this test, internships will be given to all those in the field of IT. Around 75000 IT graduates from Pakistani universities come out every year.

Unfortunately, only 3000 IT graduates out of 75000 become able to be employed by IT companies. It is also expressed by minister that $4 billion IT exports will be increased after permission of State Bank of Pakistan.

In Pakistan unemployment is a big challenge for all degree holders. Educated young individuals are wandering here and there in search of jobs. In these situations, freelancing is a big platform to earn money online and support their families.

So need is that to empower the the youth both male and female to enhance their skills in the field of it. Government should provide modern technology, best internet services and fully equipped digital labs to become financially strong through online earning.

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