New Marking Policy For Matric, Intermediate Punjab Board

Students are asking questions about the new marking or grading policy. A new marking policy is introduced by the Punjab Board in the annual examinations of the Matric and Intermediate levels. It was decided by the Punjab Board to make changes to the old numerical grading system. The Punjab Board realized that changing the marking policy was the need of the hour.

A new marking policy will be implemented across Pakistan in March 2024. After that, BISE Rawalpindi also announced that the numerical scores would be replaced with a grading system. A new grading system will be implemented for all annual and supplementary exams. The old marking policy or grading system continued for many years.

According to the old marking policy, students had to secure at least 33% marks to pass the examination. But it is reported that according to the new marking or grading policy, students have to secure at least 40% marks to pass the examination.

The new marking or grading policy will be implemented from 9th to 11th grade in the first phase. Then, cumulative grade point averages (CGPA) are listed alongside grades in result cards.

According to the new grading system, the relationship between grades and percentages is given below:

A++95 to 100%
A+90 to 94%
A85 to 89%
B++80 to 84%
B+75 to 79%
B70 to 74%
C60 to 69%
D50 to 59%
E40 to 49%
FBelow 40%
Assessment grades and their respective percentages

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